Muhammad Abdul Malik Shabazz


         Intelligent, Innovative and Well-Spoken are a few words used to describe Muhammad Abdul Malik Shabazz. Mr. Shabazz is the Founder and CEO of Change Your Mind, Change Your Life “The Movement”, Belief Basketball Youth Services and the Belief Basketball Sharpshooters Inc. organization.

        Change Your Mind, Change Your Life is a motivational movement committed to personal development, mental strength and maximizing our one chance at life.

        The Movement is derived around the teachings of Mr. Shabazz’s First Literary work “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life: How the Power of Your Thoughts Can Change Everything in and Around You. The success of Change Your Mind, Change Your Life and the outpouring of support formed a movement that has changed so many lives.

          Mr. Shabazz has been invited to speak at colleges, churches, mosques, community centers and recreational events to spread his teachings within the literature of his book.

         Belief Basketball Youth Services and Belief Basketball Sharpshooters Inc. is a non-­profit (501c3), community oriented, year round basketball program/organization for young children in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The program provides an opportunity to learn a variety of basketball concepts, travel abroad, develop a positive mentality grounded in self respect and to focus on the educational advancement needed to capitalize on college opportunities.

         With his role as a Coach within the Belief Basketball SharpShooters Organization. Mr. Shabazz became the “FIRST EVER” Jr. NBA Coach of the Year for the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks. He has also been recognized as Coach of the Month by BSN Sports Academy as well as Dicks Sporting Goods.

        Mr. Shabazz has created a youth organization that is considered premier in the eyes of many.

       For 10 plus years Mr. Shabazz traveled the world as a professional basketball player seeing the needs of many. His sights saw many with the lack of mental, spiritual, political, social, and economical resources to help themselves live healthy productive lives. The need urged Mr. Shabazz to begin fighting for the needs of the less fortunate. When asked what drives and motivates him. His reply “ To Be a Legend”. His goal is to give the essence of his being to helping those around him seek, find and live out their full potential.